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Marcus Sams is a professionally working actor / teaching artist in the Bay Area. He is represented by MDT Talent in San Francisco and performs in film, commercials, and corporate industrials. Sams received his B.A. in Theatre Arts along with a Business Administration minor from CSU, Chico, studied Improv at the Lila Theatre in San Francisco, and has been trained by some of the most influential improv teachers of our time including David Razowsky, Susan Messing, Joe Bill and Mark Sutton to list a few. In the Improv world, Sams performs regularly with Leela’s Armando Company, Blair N’ Sams and in Shades of Grey. Shades of Grey has performed in over a dozen improv festivals across the country including: Gainesville Improv Festival 2011, San Francisco Improv Festival 2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014, The California Improv Festival 2014, Improvaganza (Hawaii Festival of Improv) 2014, and the San Diego Improv Festival 2015. Shades of Grey was also accepted into Philadelphia's Duofest in 2014 but could not attend. This April they performed at the Chicago Improv festival and will be performing at the Hawaii Improv festival for the second year in a row.
Sams has produced improv shows and jams in San Francisco since 2005 and has produced/co-hosted the Improv Jam night for the San Francisco Improv Festival for the past three years. He has taught for multiple institutions in the city and as of 2014, opened his own improv classes. Currently he teaches for Leela, Improv w/Marcus, improv festivals, and select theaters and schools across the nation. One of the major successes of 2010 was a co-produced/co-created 6 week long sold out improvised sitcom called, Future Style ’79 where he performed in a brown corduroy suit and roller-skates the entire show. He was also a member of the critically acclaimed improv group, Oui Be Negroes, where he performed at improv festivals around the country and in the San Francisco Improv Festival three times. Sams directed and produced the monthly improv jam/show, Temenos and ImprovLUV for the Lila Theatre/Leela as well as performed in over 30 shows. In college he directed the CSU, Chico’s improv ensemble, Wandering Minds. He believes that improv is theatre and that it can have all the cathartic elements of scripted theatre when commitment to craft is pursued vigorously. He enjoys innovating improv by creating new formats and aggressively integrating technology into the art form to create seamless and visually amazing improvised shows. In the film world, Sams is an owner of Crux Jinx Productions and is currently producing and acting in a feature film entitled, Lost in the Sun, due out in summer 2015. In the past he played the lead in a Comedy Central pilot where he was the PR Manager to a has-been Christian rock group entitled Honest to Goodness. He has played the role of Tony in an improvised web series called Tragedy Club and worked on Nobody’s laughing; a hilarious mockumentary of a clown’s coming out. He has been seen in Unflinching Triumph: The Phillip Rockhammer Story, which was hailed by The Wall Street Journal, as “one of the top five of what to watch on the web”, and has done dramatic work in the film Gangsters Guilt that examines cycle of violence that plagues the streets of America. Sams also worked as the comedic news anchor/writer for the Variety Society, a San Francisco based late night talk show. Along with pursuing his own opportunities, Sams thrives off of giving opportunities to those around him. In this vain, he is also the co-founder of the Bay Area Film Mixer. This mixer was designed to bring the independent film market of the Bay Area closer together. The hope is that by bringing the community closer, they have a better chance of getting their work out there, meeting the right people to hire for jobs, and to inspire each other to help raise the bar of quality. This mixer is open to all filmmakers and has already lead to some great gigs for attendees. Sams lives in the East Bay with his wonderful wife and cat. He sleeps little and is always looking for the next high quality project to sink his teeth into. His dedication and attention to detail on projects is unwavering and he is the only actor that he knows of, that has put his ability to make tasty tacos in the special skills portion of his resume.
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