Bay Area Film Mixer Workshop Series
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The Bay Area Film Mixer Workshop Series is a series of workshops produced by the Bay Area Film Mixer through a partnership with the Ninth Street Independent Film Center. The workshops are taught by some of the most talented teachers/artists in the Bay Area. What sets these workshops apart from other workshops is the fact that each of our teachers have a proven track record of success in their fields, as well as in teaching. We have hand selected each of our teachers and know that they are of a high quality and are actively working in the industry. These 3 hour workshops occur roughly every two weeks barring any major holiday weekends and take place at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center. These workshops are affordable with regards to money and time. You get in and you get out with tips and lessons from the pros. If you wish to study more under a specific teacher because their voice resonates with you, by all means, reach out to them and study up! Our goal is to help the Bay Area raise the bar of what quality means so we all get more work and we stop losing our most talented to other cities. The work is here, and more can come, as long as we are ready for it when it does.

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