Meet the Team Dave Moutray
(Co-Founder - Event coordinator/video specialist)
An award-winning Director and Screenwriter, Dave has a M.A. in English and an M.F.A. in Screenwriting, and is co-founder of Crux Jinx Productions, LLC in San Francisco, CA. Dave is the Co-Founder of the Bay Area Film Mixer and Co-Owner of Crux Jinx Productions. Originally from the Midwest, he found his love for film fulfilled in the Bay Area, and is founder of the Bay Area Film Mixer, which allows filmmakers from all over the Bay to network and create a tighter community of like-minded film professionals. As a filmmaker, his focus is character and story driven narratives, regardless of genre. After winning awards for his short films, he tackled his first feature film, Losing Her, which won Best Feature at the Noor Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Golden Ace Award at the Las Vegas International Film Festival, and is in post-production on another called Sungazers.
Marcus Sams (Co-Founder - Event coordinator/Vendor Relations)
Marcus Sams has been a professionally working actor / teaching artist in the Bay Area since 2005. He is the Co-Founder of the Bay Area Film Mixer, Associate Producer of the San Francisco Improv Festival and Artistic Director of Moment Improv Theatre. With representation from MDT Talent he has worked for Nike, Verizon, Jansport, Ford, Microsoft, Nintendo, Avaya, to list a few. Marcus has a degree in Theatre Arts with a Business Admin minor from CSU, Chico. He studied improv at Leela, and has been trained by some of the most nationally influential improv teachers, some including, David Razowsky, Susan Messing, and Joe Bill to list a few. Marcus performs with Leela’s Armando Company, Liss N’ Sams and in Shades of Grey. He has performed in over a dozen improv festivals across the country including: Gainesville Improv Festival 2011, San Francisco Improv Festival 10 times, California Improv Festival 2014, Improvaganza (Hawaii Festival of Improv) 2014& 2015, San Diego Improv Festival 2015, and in April 2015 performed at the coveted Chicago Improv Festival. Currently he teaches for SF Acting Academy, Pictoclik Film Festival, Leela, Moment Improv Theatre, and at improv festivals and schools across the nation. Sams brings his artistic prowess and extensive knowledge of IT to the Crux Jinx team.
If you are interested in becoming a part of our team email us your resume and skill set.


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