So you want to get involved?
That is GREAT to hear! This all started with three people. We have had some great help along the way here and there but now we are on the official track because we have seen first hand how this mixer has had a positive influence in the the city! We want to continue to grow this and expand our reach. First step is to join our Facebook community and start contributing! Below are other ways you can help be the change!
Highlighted Artists: We are always looking for talented companies that have high quality video footage to show. We try to highlight at least four production companies or individuals under our Highlighted Artists Screening during our quarterly mixers. Partners: We are always looking for high quality partners that have something they can offer to the community. Such partners in the past have been: AV Superfly, The Reel Directory, Pictoclic Film Festival and Bay Area Video Collation.
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Sponsors: Mixers cost money. Our goal from the beginning has been to make this event free, and we have been successful in holding true to that vision. That being said, we are interested in partnering with a few paid sponsors that can aid in expanding our resources for the Bay Area film community. Volunteers: Volunteers are what helps our grass roots cause grow to where it is at now. As we expand we are looking for people that believe in our cause. Reach out to us if you are interested in helping us make this happen.
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